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The wide range of Bovelacci products includes lines studied to meet the most different needs and match different settings: the aesthetics of Roman and Greek classic ages, blend with contemporary design and its modern concepts.

Covings, columns and all products of Classicstyl line give atmospheres of other times.

Americanstyl proposes decorative elements for rooms in perfect country style.

Great resistance and simple and elegant lines are the features of the Newstyl covings

Simple and suitable lines for each wall are the characteristics of the skirting boards and the corner profiles of the Profilstyl line

Woodstyl makes possible to give each room the typical warmth of wood used in rural buildings.

Choosing Brickstyl, the external walls will dress the unmistakable liberty style.

The Italstyl covings give all the rooms the typical elegance of Made in Italy.

For a refined and modern style, covings with simple and defined lines of Extrastyl line are perfect.

Typical touches of the eighteenth century define the decorative elements of Eurostyl.

Energy saving and captivating optical games are the characteristics of the rooms decorated with Tilestyl ceiling tiles.

Elegance of tradition and refinement of contemporary design define Starstyl false ceilings.

Hisostyl offers high-density insulation panels for walls and ceilings, useful for reducing consumption and preserving the thermal balance of the house.