The interior and exterior decorations of Bovelacci Company represent the high-class solution and quality for every room.

With our wide range of materials and models, since more than 50 years, we meet the needs of customers all over the world: in this way, thanks to our essential or decorated lines, everyone will find the design element that suits the taste and the style of its room and that can be fixed with extreme simplicity.

Thanks to our research, every year we present new models that can create trends and innovation with the support of new materials that adapt to the most modern solutions as well as to the classic and rustic ones.

Only thanks to first choice components and exclusive design, the Bovelacci decorations make every room so unique that they have been chosen and used in the most sophisticated buildings in the world: hotels, villas, chalets and exclusive rooms.

Our decorations in addition to embellishing modern rooms can be used for the renovation of historic buildings where they can be useful to hide irregularities of the walls or ceilings: with the help of our polystyrene, polyurethane and “polistrutturato” decorations each location receives a touch of elegance that highlights the Italian style and quality that we represent all over the world.