How can I install polystyrene covings, ceiling roses, ceiling panels?

Bovelacci recommends Eurocoll Plus glue available in cartridges and 1,8 kg and 7 kg buckets  as, besides gluing, it serves as a stucco to cover the joints because it is a paintable glue. For covings we recommend the cartridge, for ceiling panels the bucket. The support must be absorbent (ex. wall).


Do the covings must be painted? Which painting to use?

All polystyrene decorations, such as covings, roses, ceiling panels, decors, etc., must be finished with a water-based paint or water-based varnish.                                                                                                                           


How long do you expect covings to last?

Bovelacci covings if installed with Eurocoll Plus glue and finished with water-based wall paint are indestructible.


Does the polystyrene make mold or fungus?

No, polystyrene is not a food for any type of microorganism.


In which materials are available the covings for indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting covings that can be used with neon are highlighted, for each line, on the catalog, with the image of a light bulb; In the Italstyl line they are the models: I764, I775, I776, I793, I795; In the Americanstyl line the models A04C, A22C, A95D; In the Classicstyl line specifically studied models for indirect lighting are: C3215, C3216, C3217, C3225, C3226, C3227 in addition to C3104, C3022, C3901 models. If you use led strips to create diffused lights, all ceiling models that can contain the led strip are suitable.    


In addition to the led which other type of light could be used for indirect lighting?

For diffused lighting should be used cold lights  whose temperature does not exceed 55 ° C.


How do you create corners for covings using the mitre box and the saw?                                                         

Place the coving in the mitre box pretending that its base is the ceiling, the side of the maitre box is the wall. Place the saw in the cut area and proceed to the first cut; Reposition the coving on the opposite side so that the second cut can be mirrored to the previous one, thus obtaining the exact inclination that will allow you to align the two cuts and obtain a 90 degrees angle.


Can polyurethane covings be painted with solvent based varnish?

No, it is recommended to use always water-based varnish without solvent.


How can I install polyurethane beams?

For the beam's installation, use the special nogs, one per meter; Fix the nogs to the ceiling with a wall plug then put the Eurocoll Plus glue in the part of the beam in contact with the ceiling and proceed with the joining of the beam to the nogs by pressing it well against the ceiling to let the glue stick on the ceiling itself.  Now secure the beam to the nogs piercing it laterally with screws or nails headless that penetrate the existing nogs. At this point, you can cover the joints using the joint strip that simulates an iron band: WTFG or, for modern beams, you can use the joint strips specifically designed for each model. Finish any color scratches with finishing paint, available of the same color of the beam.


Can beams be installed also outdoor?

Bovelacci beams are designed to be installed in the interior. They can be used outside but not in direct contact with the atmospheric agents.


Is it possible to use led lights with the beams?

It is possible to use led and other lights whose temperature does not exceed 55 ° C. Lights must be installed by a technician.


Which beams have no veins?

Our rustic beams have veins as they simulate ancient beams, even modern ones have veins but less marked because they simulate modern wood. The smoothest model among modern beams is WTM10


Which glue can I use to install beams?

Bovelacci beams must be installed with Eurocoll Plus, because only for this we can guarantee perfect adhesion to the ceiling. The support must be absorbent (ex. wall) Furthermore, it is necessary to use rough nogs.


What is the side of Climaform to place the glue?

The "shiny / wrinkled" part of Climaform should be sticked to the wall, because it is specifically designed to create greater grip between the surface of the panel and the wall itself. The matt and smooth part must remain outside.     


What kind of paint can be used to paint the Brickstyl?

Brickstyl exterior covings must be painted with the desired color paint but it must be an elastomeric exterior paint. Non-elastomeric paints could crack because they would not be able to absorb the thermal expansion of the support.


What kind of glue can be used to paste Brickstyl and where to buy it?

The Ideal glue for the Brickstyls is a coat glue that can be suggested from every color shop and/or hardware store


Can stucco for Brickstyl be diluted?

We recommend using stucco without dilution to avoid excessive fluidity which could cause problems in drying, unwanted cracks and likely detachment over time.



How can I pay and what payment methods does Bovelacci.it accepts?

On Bovelacci.it it is possible to buy only by credit card.


How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

It depends on the products and on the destination. Average delivery time is one week.  


Can I return bought product?

Bovelacci comply with the existing rules.